What is missing in this attic?

Finished up this inspection and the attic just feels empty, like it needs more support. Framing is a weak point that I’m working on and could use some help here. Any good narratives or things that are missing here?

Can’t really tell much from your pictures. Could use some insulation.


It looks like 98% of the attached garage attics that I have ever been in.

is this a garage ?

This is a garage

then it looks typical from my desk in Ohio…

IMO, The valley rafter is undersized, it should be able to support itself without support posts, and I see that they did not strap the ceiling for supporting the drywall and preventing nail pops, I can’t see if they used collar ties.


Missing insulation is all I can see.
What about soffit ends?
Pics from exterior please.
Other than that, Not enough info. Sorry.

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There is a radiant barrier to help lower the attic temperature. :+1:

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Techshield: Block Heat and Lower Temperatures
The volume of SQ/FT in the attic space is still venerable from energy loss…

Paint is the only vapour barrier to prevent RH transfer into the unconditioned attic space.
Energy from the home will transfer through the drywall. Has low thermal property protection.

Why is there no insulation?

It’s a garage, does it need it?

It is a garage with what looks like a firewall between the garage attic and the house attic. the garage is unconditioned space.

That’s a regional thing, we never strap ceilings here unless it’s a remodel and a flatter ceiling is desired. Nails will pop regardless due to expansion/contraction of wood, screws should be used.

Well, they always say that houses in the northeast are better built.

Do they :slight_smile:

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Nobody saw the “hidden” room? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


LOL that faces the street… nothing else beyond that

No, it does not need insulation.


Larry, you’re cheating! again :smiley:

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