What is that smell?

Honey, where is that smell coming from?


it does clear the bathroom faster lolol

Actually you are behind in your knowledge as Wayne is correct. This should however not be a return to the ventilation of the house. This is just coming out in studies as the most effective way to reduce problems in public bathrooms.
Before anyone responds saying BS I will put your mind at ease. I said it is study so go study it.
Michael your comment will not be responded to or any of your cronies.

Apparently I live rent free in you head.


For those that want to learn here is just one link to this.

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This should however not be a return to the ventilation of the house. QUOTE]
But it is in this situation…:shock:

This was residential and a return to the ventilation of the home…thus my comment: Honey, where is that smell coming from…

When I see returns in bathroom I like to use this comment I got from Barry A.
“Please be advised that the return air location at ***** bath may intermittently affect the aroma of the air quality at other locations within this structure. Return air should not be taken from bathroom, kitchen, closet, garage, or furnace room. Recommend to consult with a qualified HVAC specialist about relocating this return grill outside of the bathroom and sealing the original grill location.”*

Yes Marcel I completely understand that this could only apply to proper design. Info is provided to educate that this may be something we will see in residential soon and to not assume it is attached to the return of the furnace. Varify it by air flow during the operation of the furnace fan.
Varify that it is not attached to any HRV also.