What is the best all in one printer for the job?

I was wondering what everyone recommends as far as printers go. I am ready to upgrade. I want an all in one. Any suggestions?
Thanks ahead of time!:cool:

I purchased an Epson Stylus CX7000F about a year ago for around $100. Works well for me. Have had no problems so far. Ink is inexpensive, but are relativly small cartridges. I do not print reports, unless requested if client has no internet access. So for a small cart., I get pretty good mileage. No refill services available. But I can find generic carts online for a good price. Scanner is good quality. Fax, well, it’s a fax. I don’t use the fax much, as I have a commercial fax machine.

I have a HP. I HATE the software that came with it. You need a computer degree to get it to work right.

It does everything I need it to do but wont get another one.

Keep in mind, with an all in one if one feature breaks you will have to replace the whole thing. I didn’t think of that when I bought mine.

Not true :wink:

Refillable cartridge: http://www.supertobuy.com/refillable-ink-cartridge-for-epson-cx5000-cx6000-cx7000f-cx7450-cx7400-cx8400-cx9400-cx9400f-cx9475f-cis-ciss-arc-p-462.html

Ink: http://www.supertobuy.com/bulk-ink-refill-bottles-for-epson-c120-c79-cx3900-cx4900-cx5900-d78-dx4000-dx4050-dx5000-dx5050-dx6000-dx6050-dx7000f-cx5000-cx5000v-cx6000-cx7000-cx7000f-cx7400-cx7450-cx8400-cx9400f-cx4400-cx4450-cis-ciss-p-457.html?osCsid=3445f78646d0a774e990f076ead7a083

Jonathan, are you interested in Color Laser or Inkjet? How much do you print and what are you printing?

Thank you for correcting me, oh “All-things-computer Guru” !!! :twisted::p:p:D

Until your post, I have been unable to find refillable carts (locally). I never thought to search online for refillable, as I assumed I would be refilling my own empties, usually when in the middle of something I was working on. :frowning:

Besides… I can purchase the generic NEW carts for about the same or less money as the refills you listed. ;-):smiley:

None the less, I have saved the links you provided, for future consideration. :cool:

Have a nice day!!!

I am printing hard copies along with my online copy. Average 35 pages with pictures. I am interested in an inkjet or laserjet so long as it is in color. I know ink is expensive no matter what but I would like the most effecient one I can get. Thanks everyone

Why do you print all your reports? I print maybe 2 reports a year for little old ladies who don’t have computers and internet. And when I do that, I send them a high quality B&W copy from my all-in-one HP laser printer/fax/copier. I have a cheap ink-jet if I ever need to print in color, which I minimize because of the cost.


You’re missing it! Those are special cartridges to use with the ink (buy them once). With the ink, for $32 you get all 4 colors and each color has 110mL!

The cartridges hold 15ml of ink when full. That means that for $32 you can refill ALL 4 colors SEVEN TIMES. So unless you’re paying $32 for 28 ink cartridges I think you’re paying a bit more than $1.15 a cartridge!

See, that’s why “you-da-man” !!! I was missing it. Gotcha’ this time. Thansks. ;):smiley:

See, that’s why “you-da-man” !!! I was missing it. Gotcha’ this time. Thanks. ;):smiley:

anyone that has to print hard copies… you may want to try Staples online or other… i too only have to print a few a year and upload it to the Staples online service… if I submit at night, it is generally ready by noon the next day… or I can pay to rush it done earlier…

Color is expensive, but I generally have the cover in color, the rest black and white… then have a clear outer cover, black vinyl back cover… and have it spiral bound… makes a nice product for about <$10.00… full color will run you 25-30.00

I’ve had this onefor over 3 years now with no problems at all.

Laser Jet is the way to go.
Been on the included cartridges since the end of last summer and never even think about issues anymore.

With inkjet it was like having to feed a child all the time.

$250 will get you something decent.

Been doing lots of printing forms thanks to Linus.

I have had this Kodak printer for about a month. I bought it for $100, WITH a color and black ink. Color ink is about $15, black about $10. I have been happy so far.


NOTE I walked into Staples to get the printer for $100, no telling if the sale has ended