what is the fee?

Godd day all… Just a quick question. what do you charge if a client stops the homeinspection due to some major structural issues? I had this happen on Sat. and didnt know what to charge them? Do you still charge full price or give a discount?

I charge them the full fee, but tell them I will give them a XXX credit toward their next inspection. The most I’ve taken off the next inspection is $100. That inspection was stopped almost at the beginning. Most get either $25 or $50 off.

Most customers are happy to pay it, after all you just saved them some serious cash:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Good Job!

Brent I charge for the time I’m there $100. an hour, and if they call for another inspection it’s full price. Have done this 3 times this year an have had no complaints from anyone.