What is the future of the Microsoft?

The perfect storm

Only glanced through article but they missed the boat on mobile and desktop sales are down across the catagory.
They like jacking the price on proprietary software like office and screwed up on 8.0 so had to release 8.1
People do not care much for the hybrid laptops but the all in one models show future promise.
They will always be around because many hate Apple products with the strict and controlled environment.
Xbox is doing terrible because they overpriced it by 100 bucks with yet another forced addon not needed.

8.0 was a disaster. 29% are still XP users that will go away in April.

XP will be around for longer than that…
A lot of folks don’t change many things, including desktops and laptops until they have to.

The future for Microsoft is like any other business, if it does not satisfy the market place and keep up with consumer demand it will loose market share.

As for smart phone technology, Microsoft have missed the boat (several times.)
Let me say this, I have bought Win 6 and upgraded to Win 6.5 with Microsoft smart phones and was disappointed not being realistic and comparing Apples/Google Android to Windows phones 4 years prior.
now I see they are inexpensive and if you need a “PHONE”, not a Swiss Army Knife, and need sync, up or download, send to drop box, have an office agenda and/or connection to Office 365 as an office calender and secretary it fits the bill. I have read some great reviews and the negative reviews are becoming less frequent or non-existent in many of the reviews I have read. A phone is personal taste!

Remember though, don’t lose sight and compare apples to oranges. What percentage of smart phone users utilize their phone to full capability? even half that. Most purchase a phone to say they have the latest model and use it to text, take photos and lastly, to use as a phone.
Too bad.
So sad.

Windows 9 will be out in April or so predicted due to the dismal rush to fill Microsoft’s false need for touch screen operability and look and feel more like Android and Apple with apps. They keep on chasing an illusion and should stick to PC based OS’s.

Window 8 update last year to Win 8.1 has a refresh bug that was known about for almost a year. This bug even left Bill Gates, back from a spring break, upset. Apparently he started screaming at the IT team to fix it. This was recorded via smart phone by someone in the office.
He has sense reverted back to Win 7 Ultimate 64.

On that note, Microsoft entered my OS remotely 2 times last month. Each time they hit a snag and were unable to resolve what should have been minor fixes.
At the end of session 2, both lasting hours, the customer services technician told me to do a complete reinstall of win 8.1 if I so desired and do not reinstall any backups. The tech said he suspects I have been reinstalling a virus from one of my backups and start from scratch.

Of all the operating systems Microsoft is the only business based system that has any legs.

I think Win 7 is a good manageable OS that can be tweaked to a users preferences and there was no need to update the operating system.

As for Win X, support for the operating system is slated to end this year. I can see support but it will be fee based.

Another big problem I see is this new way they are trying to push Microsoft Office with a license that only lasts a certain amount of time…like a 1 or 2 year license.

Jeffrey, I lease Office Live 365 for $99 yearly. I think itis a great idea. to buy the product whole is $700.

I don’t agree…because it shows a precedence and pretty soon ALL the software you use you will need to rent. It is a slippery slope in my opinion…and they boosted the price to $700 to make people do the renting look better instead.

But to each their own…some people like to lease their new vehicles and some people like to buy them.

Don’t underestimate “Softie,” it’s got hands in many cookie jars. :wink:

I think back in 04, Softie had 50% of Apples cookies.