What is the most popular Inspector Class?

If you heard that an inspector convention was coming near you, what would be the top 3 classes that you would want to see at the convention?

You can list classes and instructors, if you would like a certain instructor… or just list the class by itself.

Any subject for home inspectors or commercial inspections can be listed… from classes on marketing, report writing, HVAC, Moisture Detection, Infrared, Roofing, Foundations, etc…

Your feedback is important. Thanks.

  1. Commercial HVAC
  2. Private potable water systems, including water testing
  3. Log Homes
  4. Commercial Roofing systems
  1. Residential HVAC
  2. Electrical systems
  3. Foundations
  4. Roof
  5. Plumbing

Good post… keep it coming.

  1. Stucco - EIFS
  2. Well and septic
  3. CSST
  1. CalGreen Codes/Title 24
    2)EIFS Stucco systems
    3)HVAC Systems

Advanced Electrical.

Advanced Thermal Imaging specifically for Home Inspectors.

Something that could be make me a certified solar panel inspector.

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By Me :slight_smile: Hah ha haaaaaa

This is what I see listed so far…

(2) Commercial HVAC
(2) Residential HVAC
Private potable water systems, including water testing
Log Homes
Commercial Roofing systems
Electrical systems
(2) Stucco - EIFS
Well and septic
CalGreen Codes/Title 24
Advanced Electrical.
Advanced Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors.
Certified solar panel class

Region differences do apply.

Potable water/well water is obviously important to the middle of the county, but would be near useless to me.

Meanwhile, it’s the California contingent that wants solar/green classes. lol :wink:

Just a note…

Some advanced classes are difficult to get set up because of limited attendance. The higher you go in advanced classes, the less people there are who can understand that level of teaching.

Mr Mayer (post #10) list some limitations on demand vs attendance as well. Distance learning classes and online classes help solve some of these issues.

Everything is about water.

1} Exterior wall covering and flashing

I think there should be certified master inspector which is one of the top class inspector included. Others are good to know but that are at lower position.

Electrical services, stucco/EIFS, marketing.

House as a system

CSST, faults in gas piping

Also, please do a conference in the midwest. I don’t care for Vegas.

moisture penetration

Vegas literally stunk during the conference in October. I don’t know if it was all of the homeless people using the grates that are placed just outside of the casinos for their toilets or if they have a major plumbing issue but once you leave the casinos you get hit in the face with the smell of raw sewage.

The last time I was in Vegas before this past October was 19 years ago, I would be fine with not going back for 19 more years.

Vegas has changed and not for the better.

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Phase Inspections

What does aviation instrumentation have to do with home inspections?

See post #16 above for the correct acronym.