What is the most you ever charged for a home inspection?

What was the property like? Was it a mansion? How long did it take to perform? How much did you get paid?

This guy here will inspect your mansion for $200 :shock:


My best inspections are Full mechanical/structural with added on Radon/Mold air testing 2500 to 3000 SQ Ft no mansions I get $1250.00 Takes me about 5 hours

$22,500…It was an $18,000,000 house. 21,000 sq feet. Although my company was in charge of the inspections. I actually hired an engineer, roofer, HVAC technician, AV guy, plumber and pool specialist. I did the interior, mold, radon, termite.

As far as my company performing anything it was a 23,000 Square foot $21,000,000 home that we did it all and it took us 2 days (4 inspectors) 64 man hours with all the bells and whistles…we did it for $16,500.

The Most I ever charged was $11,500. 5800 sq’ Penthouse. The owner bought the unit at development stage and fired the G.C. in the middle of drywall. It included dimension verification, a complete inventory of work completed items delivered and owed per contract. It was labor intense for 1 week, mostly customer management and a couple hours a day on and off for about a month.Including picking them up from the airport and walking the dog a couple times. I even picked up one of their cars from the shop so it was there when they got back into town. Upon completion I received 3 more contracts with them $8.000, $2400 and $300 for an office that was 400’.It all led to some great clients that are enjoying life and OUT of the real-estate hobby.

Houses are not that big, and prices not that good around here. 2800 Sq ft house, 5 br 3 bath 2 car attached, 2 outbuildings, $500. Took me a whole day +, Customer was so happy with me, he hire me as a consultant MANY times after that. (1.5 year later)

Lately I get hung up on at $300. Some hungry people out there.

$700 for me

Location, Location, Location … Amazing what people pay in some areas.

In our area a 8,000 sf home might easily sell for $1,800,000 - $2,400,00

AND so on up the line … our average McMansion in Gated Communities, Lake Side, Older Brick / Stone Homes with Slate Roofs, etc typically sell for $200 - $350 p/sf

All bank owned around here, 3 bed 2 bath 1500 sq ft avg. on slab. lucky to get $300.00. did a 4000 sq slab, the other day went for $850,000 and I got $550.00

$3000 for a 14 unit apartment building. (3 buildings actually). 2 days on site, 1 day writing the report. Most of the units were identical. There were 6 separate crawl spaces, no attics.