What is the name for this breaker type?

Hello all, this box had more than six throws with no main disconect. Is there a name for the breaker type in the upper left corner of the picture.






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That IS the main. The screw in the center is the required retention device

Ok but no throw switch on it for disconnect

It’s not a main or even a breaker.
If used for incoming power it is a main lug conversion device, or for out going power it is a feed-through device.
There is NO switch in that unit.

In this case it is a factory installed main lug kit.

Is that a Cutler-Hammer panel?

The 2 devices are separate electrician installed and the non approved self tapping drywall framing screw securing them is not factory equipment, either an idiot sparky or Homer installed that.

Now what is the name for the “main lug conversion device” or “feed-through device”


That’s not a drywall screw holding that subfeed lug adaptor in place. That’s the washer head screw that CutlerHammer provides in the adaptor kit, in a little manilla envelope, for that purpose.

I’ve never seen on 2 pole only 3 pole/phase.

Thanks for that correction. Now who’s the idiot? :wink:

I’m very sorry, Barry. It wasn’t my intention to do that. Here’s the .PDF for that lug block kit, which details the screw. http://www.eatonelectrical.com/unsecure/cms1/PUB24021B.PDF

Ahh…help me out here…but this looks indeed like a Main Lug Kit…but is this a Main Distribution Panel…and if so…it should have a Main Disconnect within it based on the posters comments.

Unless it is a Sub-Panel or has a Service Disconnect out beside the meter enclosure…otherwise it would need that breaker to be a OCPD and not simply a MLO Kit.

if this is the case…proper call Joseph and should be the issue…I notice all the “Grounded” conductors on the left rather neat so thats why I had to ask…is it a Main Panel or a Sub-Panel…if it is a main panel and no disconnect ahead of it at the meter…then it is wrong.

Good morning all, yes it is a Culter Hammer box, 2 year old condo, no sign of handy home home owner, this is the main panel, no main disconnect in the unit. I could not find a configuration like this on the Eaton web site. So having more than 6 throws to deenergize the system was my flag, I just don’t know what to call the device.

The main disconnect could be at the meter, but I did not have access to the area where the meters where located.


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Condo? That’s what makes me think it’s a subpanel even more. Generally, condo’s have a meter stack someplece, with the tennant breakers in the meter stack. Sometimes, the tennant breaker can be disguised by a cover that looks pretty mundane. Do you have any pictures of the meter configuration for that unit? The metering equipment can be on the outside of the building, or in a metering room inside the condo building.

This is the KEY.
If there is a main disconnect somewhere in/on the structure this is a legal installation. IMO I would have to think there is.
I guess you could call it out as “not being able to access the main service disconnect”.

IMO you do not need to call that device anything at all. Why would you?

thank you Mark for the PDF, and thank you Paul and Barry for your thoughts too

Thanks Speedy, I will have them follow up with the condo association for location access

Sorry Marc, no pics of the meter, I did not have access to the area at the time.

Thanks again guys for the input

AGREED…this is why I bought up the question…WE would need to see a BIGGER image of the panel…showing BOTH sides and all connections…:slight_smile: