What is the odds

Of two commodes in the same house with the same date of MFG Nov 7 but different years one 1987 and one 2000.

I should have bought a loto ticket yesterday:(

BTW I have a addiction to checking commode dates of MFG the oldest I have found here was 1937 and still in use:D

Ha. Interesting.

No dates on newer models

Find a Thomas Crapper and you are rich well not exactly.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

What do you think someone would pay for this one Charley?


\I have no clue don’t collect them just inspect them;-)

Oh if those old potties could talk!!!
Only a HI could find interest in such things…:slight_smile:


Now that’s a crappy thing to always check for Charley

I am easily amused:D