What is the weakest form of roof deck attachment?

Since there is no way to visually verify the attachment of the roof deck on flat roofs and we have to mark all roof coverings , (no longer predominant roofs)

Do you still mark c If the home was reroofed with a permit date of 2002 or later.

I still mark them C but let the client know they will probably need copies of their permit or Their roofers affidavit.

they should be marked as unknown, or no access. An affidavit doesnt mean sqwaut.

If I cannot document that the roof has been renailed due to limited access, no shinners, ect. I mark the roof deck accordingly and encourage the home owner to get the roofer to supply a roof deck affidavit. Most of the counties require this as part of the reroof process. At that point the issue is up to the underwriter. My report is accurate to my observations and the matter is before the underwriter for determination.
I have seen the affidavit accepted and denied by underwriters. Unfortunately, Dennis is right. In most cases they could careless what the roofer swears to.

What Dennis said. Unknown

Soooooo, A 2002 permitted gabled roof wouldn’t qualify unless the permit shows the flat roof also was done.

Makes sense.

If you show verification pics of the gabled roof…does this suffice as to the flat portion of the roof. Flat roof no access

I am just trying to justify the reason of taking verification pics if the proper permits were pulled and finalized. If the insurance companies accept permit data for flat roofs why not for accessible attic spaces.

Trying to keep us out of attics if at all possible.

Thanx again

I inform the client that in order to mark the form accurately, I may have to remove a screen vent or cut a hole, which they can have repaired later.

Otherwise, it will be unknown which will do them little good.

Eric are you saying you do roof deck attachment scans on flat areas or mark the whole thing as unknown when you have a gable roof that you can access and the flat roof you cannot?

Tell them to call me for the repairs.
I am not cheap but my guys can patch any soffit stuff easily.

“weakest form of attachment”. That would default to unknown.

It only happened once and I removed two soffit vent screens, got the needed pictures and then, put the screens back. They were screwed in before.
Those pictures went in the report, and so did the ones from the gable roof along with the permit number and application date.
An overload of information, but I believe that if you give the insurance company no reason to ask for more information, they won’t. Or, at least it may deter them.