What is the world coming to????

Read this. New policy, from the Obama administration, regarding capturing of terrorists in a war zone:


Seems like the new policy is to read each captured terrorist their Miranda Rights after they are captured.

I wonder how WWII would have turned out.


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And you are obviscating the point, aren’t you?

Did not answer my question now did it Will? As I wish to ask if Obama is a HI.

The message board Czar strikes again!

Obama’s been appointing Czars like crazy. maybe you should apply. :wink:

You would make 22 total.

If you do not wish to comment on the subject of the thread, why did you post?

I was merely informing.

Will, I do not feel informed???

I cannot be concerned about your feelings, especially when you have been provided with information that you do not like (or, at least, seem, from your comments, not to like).

Feelings are fleeting and , often, come forth for no reason, but reason and logic are solid and can bet trusted, if one is well informed.

I suggest that you read the article and get informed.

Hope this helps;

Back to the thread…

Exactly what rights does a captured terrorist have?

Anyone who has even a remedial knowledge of civics knows the constitution and our laws clearly define the rights and responsibility of our government and our citizens. Many also apply to legal residents of our country. A terrorist captured in a foreign country doesn’t fit any of those definitions. The only rights he is alloted is the rights defined by treaty. Since a terrorist by definition is not a lawful combatant, he doesn’t even have those rights.

Extending “constitutional” rights to an individual who is not a citizen of this county, and who is clearly set on the destruction of this nation, is an insult to me as a citizen. I’m sure its an insult to virtually every person who has ever served in our military to gain and protect our rights as well.

In my opinion, this is an abomination.

"In my opinion, this is an abomination."


Well just got back from my evening HOME INSPECTION. It was actually quite fun, some of you guys might think about looking into it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty informative, huh? :wink: