What is this Called

I called it Metal Base?

4581 West G 4-11-11 022.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 023.JPG

4581 West G 4-11-11 021.JPG

what is this part of? a car port, or a railing?

Well, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. :slight_smile:

Post base.

Cool I will edit my Report…:smiley:

(Kinda what I was thinking Marcel :mrgreen:)

I will post the Mushroom on the Eaves when I get home later. :shock:

Standoff Post Base Anchor

The 3rd pic looks to be a “stand-off” base, but pic’s 1 & 2 do not.

Generically, they are all “post bases”.



That is what Jeff referred to and that is what is installed in picture 3 :slight_smile:

The AB is an adjustable post base which offers moisture protection and finished hardware appearance. These post bases feature 1" standoff height above concrete floors, code-required when supporting permanent structures that are exposed to the weather or water splash, or in basements. They reduce the potential for decay at post and column ends.
Material: AB – 12 gauge plates;16 gauge base cover; all others – see table.
Finish: Galvanized. Some products available in ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information.

the same Post Base “WAS” installed in all three pictures. :wink:

Just for some of you less seasoned guys, when the base rusts/deteriorates the weight of whatever the post is holding up pushes the post down. :cool:

Were they buried, we don’t see them. :slight_smile:

I can not help but notice how more and more of these posts are getting cryptic as if guys are not sure and just make joking or generic statements to cover their bases.
Someone please speak English about what is wrong here and the correction as that it why we are all here.

Marcel says 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.
What was that (reference to a Meatloaf song)?

Marcel and Jeffrey were spot on as usual. :mrgreen: Mark Tyson is probably the most correct.

2 out of three of the Metal Post Bases were rusted/deteriorated and need to be replaced.

1 Metal Post Base is still functioning as intended. :smiley:

OK there ya go.
I had no idea those were 3 separate posts and had no idea if the issue involved lack of a poured footing,or wrong bracket as I simply noticed wood rot and was looking to see if the concrete apron was cracked being near a corner.

well Robert seems to be in a pissy mood today…I thought You guys don’t get any moisture in death valley…did these people have a large male dog perhaps?

Name is Bob and I am in a great mood so go stick your head in an oven or something.:stuck_out_tongue:

now that made me laugh…I was actually jerking Your chain…lol…

Hey Bob…

I bet if BK would take Full-Res pic’s, and used a quality report system with an awesome photo editor that could easily handle hi-res pic’s, we would be able to zoom in and get a clear view of the issue!

Ya think? :mrgreen:

Eh, Sprinklers, what can you do? Fricking tap water here is NASTY…:twisted:

The base of the wood posts was still good though.

Going to be fun getting a couple of new base’s in. :smiley: