What is this device - 1946 home

First, sorry for the suboptimal photos. This object was observed in the crawlspace of a 1940’s home in Eastern Oregon. There was also other pieces and parts spread throughout the tiny space. The wires were damaged, disconnected, and not energized. The cover plate contained the brand and model: Kresky Manufacturing Co. Model MCK-10. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Kresky made furnace equipment, the nameplate shows a primary and secondary voltage on it so I’m guessing it is a discarded control transformer enclosure from an old oil or gas burning unit.


My thoughts too Thomas. :+1:

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Ditto that!

Thanks for the information everyone. There’s always something to learn in this industry, that is why I enjoy this career so much.


It’s also got the marking “patent pending” which is useless, and a patent number 2,118,443. Assuming that’s a USA patent we get:



There’s a drawing in the 1938 patent, which corresponds roughly to what you’ve got.

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