What is this device

I have absolutely no idea what this is? has anybody ever seen something like this? the house was from 1940. With all the bad wiring i found its a miracle the hosue hasn’t burned down.

Telephone lightning resistor and spark gap.


I worked as a tech for ATT for 10 Years. Mike is correct. It is a lightning protector for a phone line

I like mike… He knows his stuff :))

You learn something new everyday.

Yup, see those frequently here in old BalTeeMore!

I worked for Western Electric, a sub for At&t, in the early 80’s.

I’ll never forget Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate
White, Red, Black, Purple! :smiley:

There are many old homes around here that still use POTS and have these devices.


Haven’t heard that use for while :wink: