What is this for?

This blower or drafter motor was outside the home. It was piped into the wall in between a bathroom and the utility. Nothing on the inside would give you any indication it was there…except there was a downdraft JennAir cooktop in the kitchen about 25’ into the home. The JennAir had its own motor under the stove. The motor in the picture did not come on when the JennAir was operating. I’m puzzled.

Once again, thanks in advance for your help.


Picture 339.jpg

What was piped into the wall the suction or discharge of the blower need more specifices here

Looks like the suction side.

I personally believe this is a sucker motor for the JennAir. But I’ve never seen two used. One is in the cabinet below the cooktop and the other is outside. They are perfectly inline.

Has anyone ever seen two motor used before?


I have not seen such an arrangement, but I know that JeenAir does have specific (and pretty short) design limits for the discharge of their blower. So, an auxiliary unit could easily be required to make sure the exhaust exists the building.

I would say an auxiliary, but that is one-heck-of an aux! It looks like about a 1hp! Looks more like a pool pump motor! :slight_smile:

Anyone notice that it is discharging into what appears to be the A.C condenser? Hmmmm

Exactly! It was so large for the job and 25 feet didn’t really seem that far for a JennAir. I need to look up JennAir specs.


It was definitely squeezed in between two of the condensing units.