What is this in a repaired foundation wall

Can anyone please identify what these plugs are in a repaired basement foundation wall?

I thought they were epoxy injection plugs, but I don’t see any evidence of repairs done or required.

I was thinking they were horizontal anchors to hold the bulging wall in but there are not plates on the interior. Was someone in the middle of a job doing that, Joe?

Possibly tips for injecting 2 part polyeurothane to seal a crack.

What crack though, I don’t see one.

it looks like it has been patched over. I do not know what the protrusions are.

OMG There is no doubt that these plugs are used for an epoxy injection crack repair!
I just don’t understand why someone gets an InterNACHI certification when this basic information is not understood!

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I have seen injections done that neatly…certainly not the norm these days…those are injection ports…

That’s what I thought they were Jim, but it was so neat and no crack visible, so it through me off a bit. :grin:

we are more used to seeing them looking like they were beat in with a shovel these days Partner…

The crack was patched & painted, look closely :face_with_monocle:

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Aha! I see it now with my glasses. :wink::grinning: