What is this material ?

Ran across this in a home today and wondering what it is. Can anyone help? Thanks

IMG_0038 (Small).JPG

Looks like the panels from an evaporative cooler. As I recall the material was called excelsior ?sp.

They were bathed with water and a fan blows across cooling and humidifying at the same time. Great for low humidity hot climates.

When dry highly ignitable by bottle rockets, as I recall.

These panels are installed on the ceiling of a room addition and also on the ceiling of a patio overhang. I’ve seen this stuff before but its been awhile.

It’s called Tectum, and is a porous wood fiber and plaster roof decking/insulation material. It insulates poorly by today’s standards, and turns to mush if it gets wet.

Jim King

Could it be sound proofing panels without the outside covering/fabric?

Like you would find in a recording/radio studio.

Hi Tab…sorry cannot help you with your material…but I was shocked by your location…I haven’t met very many folks from the town of my youth.

I went to High School there…I hear it has changed tremendously since we were there while my dad was stationed at MCAS Yuma…

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Thank you Jim. When did you live in Yuma Tony? I’ve been here since 1971.

Jim is correct, I use to install this as a decking material on schools back in the 70’s. I use to call it shredded wheat, because if you got it wet, it would look and become just like it.

It was a very poor material, due the protection required after it’s installation.
Whatever was installed that day had to be covered the same day. Haven’t seen it in years.

It had a very high STC rating and a lot of it was used for that reason in autitoriums, shcools, concert halls, etc.


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CORRECT I used this material in the late 70s early 80s.


I actually used this in a TV studio, for soundproofing.