What is this... metal thing?

These photos are from an A-frame mountain ski cabin, a commercial property with some 15 beds or so. WTH could these metal things be?

This is only a guess, but to me they look like they could be hoisting tooling used during construction.


That came to mind first, but I was not able to make any sense of it like that. They were sort of randomly placed in the building, not on opposing large beams or anything. The next rafter bay did not have one for example, nor any patches showing one was placed but removed.

They also did not seem to be any form of splint or patch repair.

Hammock, swing, marriage stuff?


What kind of marriages do they do in Georgia? Do tell.

There was no corresponding bracket on the opposite side of the room to hang anything from: these were all singles. One is in the floor looking for all the world like a cover for a heating grate or laundry chute.


Have you tried the front desk? Put them to work!

Probably just a design kitsch to add “pop”.

On the floor?
Or maybe it was kitsch but somebody read the plans upside down.

Screenshot (204)


O00oh now you’re in trouble, checking smoke detectors in violation of the SOP :wink:


Don’t know, taking a wild guess… It appears as though the rectangular plate and bolts are much stronger in design than the hook or weld. So, guessing the functional purpose has to do solely with the plate and bolts. I am thinking they are joiners / brackets for connecting large beams together. The hooks are just there to aide in safely hand-carrying and/or mounting the very heavy objects. I suspect that in most cases the hooks would be removed after installation and, in this case, they opted to just leave them attached for whatever reason.

The observable one is literally holding two 2x4’s together.
You can’t see in the photo, but the bolts are definitely shorter than 4" (these are old school true dimension 2x4’s).

So… I’m giving up and just forgetting I saw them.

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