What is this on Roof?

OK, I did…

Now it looks like they cut tabs and put them on the roof.

It’s late, I’m tired.
Good night.

Hopefully you can enlighten us.

This should clear it up fellas :wink:

Look familiar?

Why couldn’t you have said that in the first place. Saved us all lots of headaches.

Havent seen those before, guess they’re not 3-tabs. :mrgreen::oops:

A little pain helps you remember it better:D

That’s what I was thinking until I saw Michael’s link. Never saw a shingle like that before. Live and learn.

Why did they not install the rain sensor on the roof drainage? Seems like the attachment at the shingles is a potential leak.

I typically see the sensor on the gutter(s)

Nice link on the roof shingles, another bookmark added.

Mike L, you are the google master.

If you zoom in on the slateline shingle you don’t see the top of the cutout between the tabs. on this roof you do, I think this is a bad installation. I would post the pics. but this is my wifes new computer and does not have the programs I’m use to.

Hard to say based on the photo whether there is too much exposure without taking measurements.

Manufacturer photo:

Manufacturer install instructions:

The biggest issue with this type of roofing material is that the granules can peel off. There were several missing on this roof.