What is this? - Phoenix Thermal Imaging

I’m sure a level two-three Thermographer will have a close answer, I don’t expect anyone to know exactly what the image is.


Plumbing drain???

Looks like a transformer low voltage, just a quess

Pool light.

Duff, recovery from sat. laff-a-thon appears to be progressing nicely

Example of forced fluid convection?!

Pool cover pump.:wink:

Pumping the water out of my pool.

That level three education certainly pays off Dave…!!

Nice guess my friend…!!!

was the dog making baby ruth’s in there again Duff?

I was going with a hermit crab…

I thought it was a snail

I thought pool sweep

OK i tried early in the morning now i can see the side of the pool lol You could have added a wave, or water wings a least

I would have thought that the electrical wire would have been hotter being that the pump was.

Pump causes dat.

10-4 Bear----:stuck_out_tongue:

So did I, especially plugged into a 15 amp. circuit with an 18 amp draw, according to the data on the pump.

Empty this morning, then I had Arizona Bead Blasting remove calcium-mineral from tile and Pebble Tec, using Epsom Salt Beads…did one hell of a job, for $270 bucks I’ll have it Bead Blasted every year.

This crap no longer exists, looks like the day I had the pool installed now, in 1997.

Great company, the guy makes some good bucks…says he does four-five pools per day six days a week…only took him 2 hours at my house start to finish, driving away.

Dale, How does the calcium build up like that?

How did you refill the pool, from your house or does someone come in with a water truck?

Neighbor’s house…