What is this "snake"??

Found this today, it moved like a snake, but it did not appear to have eyes. I didn’t see any tongue movement either. I put the nickel in to gauge the size. It was in an area of apparent heavy moisture intrusion/organic growth. Marc??

Don’t know the name, but looks exactly like a “black worm” I see every now and then.

“Flatworms”? http://www.city-data.com/forum/fort-myers-cape-coral-area/1750947-little-black-worms-everywhere-2.html

Maybe Brahminy blind snake


Linas will be along soon, Dave. He’ll know something about it for sure. :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that that is the common trumphole snake, be very wary of that type of snake.


Not that one!

Thanks for your usual uninformed BS commentary.:roll::roll: Only an idiot would vote for liarly :roll: Shooting birdies my ***!!

I think we may have a winner, thanks David!

No it wasn’t that one, see previous post.:wink:

Thanks to those trying to be helpful! :lol:

My pleasure, I am happy to help.

To the newbies, and a lot of oldies out there, memorize and use that line with your clients. I can’t tell you how often I receive positive feedback from clients after I say that.

How’s that for informed commentary?

No charge.

Looks like a young glass snake.

Just seen this on face book , Not sure if it is right but worth while checking it out . When i get time ill try to find out more if it is true or not .