what is this spot

This was to the left of the toilet in the bathroom. It was not wet. Outlet on other side of wall. What is that brown stain?

I’m not sure you really want us to speculate on that brown stain do you? Did you sniff it? :mrgreen:

Scratch and sniffed.

Yikes Gary :frowning:

Some testing may be required :smiley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY7ZX6ngOSs

Baby Oils and body lotions will leave a stain like that. TSP will usually remove it.


Was the spot warm?
Did the outlet look overheated?
Not required, but did you remove the outlet cover to see the wiring?

Tri sodium phosphate is good stuff.
Just remember bottom to top when cleaning.

Jon, it does not look heat induced, there are a couple of lessor stains around it.

For some reason, the words Explosive or projectile keep coming to mind…

Maybe a old stain that was painted over and is bleeding through.