What is this system?

I ran across this yesterday and while it is not very common here I think i know what it is. For some reason I keep questioning myself and need some insight.
Home is 6 years old on public sewer system and has a walk out basement with one bathroom in the basement.
Am I looking at a sewage pump in basement pumping to a grinder pump outside and then it goes into the public sewer? The alarm system in the other pics is in case of system failure?

Alarm.pdf (206 KB)

Yup. They do this for long distances or when “fall” isn’t practical.

sure looks like a lift station from here

Odd since it is on the high ground.

The pump in the basement is lower than street elevation the the outside unit with a vent is higher than the street.
Thanks guys sometimes I can make the practice complex, just wanted tone sure what I was looking at. Appreciate the help