What is this thing????

My paperwork says 1969!?:shock: This thing is so old it was used on the ark. Long before my time. The junker did work. Anyone have any insight on what this gem is? Must have been one of the first heat pumps

Fedders /cool
Seems like every through wall unit (A/C) was that brand in the sixties.

Whom bought them?


Discontinued manufacturing unitary (spit-system and packaged equipment) in early 1980s. Sells window units under Fedders, Climatrol, Airtemp, Hunter & Emerson Quiet Kool brands.

Your showing your age!

Thanks,glad I never owned stock.

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**Thanks,glad I never owned stock./**quote]

Good thing–it was my understanding (from fairly reliable sources) that Fedders was a ‘candy store’…

Things got hot for the company, but their A/C units couldn’t cool them off.

It still works…?
old dogs never die, Built Ford Tough !!!

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