What is this thingy?

Some kinda drain trap primer??? lol
clog proofing?
no idea right now…

oh btw . how do i use the track back feature below??

Is that at 2674 College Hill Drive in Schaumburg, IL?

Just a different way of actuating the drain stopper.

Yep that was my first thought and have had a few of them.

Notice there is no regular hole strap arm…good catch Mark.

It operates like a brake cable.http://www.jlconline.com/bath/no-fuss-drain.aspx

drain stopper with cable.jpg

139,000 is cheap.
I was just over in that area 2 days ago doing similar home going for way more …close to 500

Cable actuator for the Drain Trap Assembly…

awesome, thanks guys - :slight_smile:
yes Linas - i know i should of omitted the address from file name lol

It was a town home - repeat client of mine