What Is This Tubing For?

Tubing was inside another plastic type tubing and sticking out of the wall. Two of them next to refrigerator. Anyone know what they are?

My first guess is some type of beer tap or cooling tap for brewing.

There was nothing on the other side of the wall and could not trace where they might end up at.

In door water at fridge?

Already a supply there for that as shown in photo.

If the seller is still around I’d just recommend consulting them.

Reverse Osmosis line probably goes back under the kitchen sink.

Best guess award goes to “SpaceMan”.

Sorry Sink is at an Island in middle of kitchen and there would be no room for the other equipment at this location.

And of course we asked the seller who purchased at auction and flipped but lines were like that when purchased.

Will continue to search for the answer. Thanks anyway

Paul how do you know the kitchen was not reconfigured.You are assuming it is the same layout as before .

For a remote compressor…

Standalone ice-machine.