What is this under a sink?

Does anyone know what this is and anything about it? It was under a kitchen sink in a condo (converted in 2002). My best guess is that it is a grease trap, but I’ve never seen something like this before and it’s residential. Any help would be appreciated.

It does look like a grease trap.

Don’t know what it is but the copper waste lines are worth about a billion $$$s.

I just Googled it and it is a grease trap…Or a bubble machine as evidenced by the bubble containers next to the trap:)

I agree Paul although I have never seen them used for residential purposes.

I don’t see any P trap between sink and the grease trap.

Jim King

I just learned that, according to Zurn at least, P traps are “optional”.

Jim King

Thanks for the input, I went with the bubble maker and referred it to a plumber.