What is this valve?

I am a licensed plumber and I hate to admit that I have never seen one of these. Any ideas? It is on the incoming line from the well. It has open setting in the middle and graduated degrees going up each side. No other markings or numbers. Thanks for any help!!

it has some writing on it but i cannot read it… is that something to do with a filter system? future use?

maybe to control flow.


The writing was just open and the stages of degrees you could open or close it. It was like a balancing valve of some kind. There was an elaborate filtering/softening system. OH SOFT softeners. It really doent matter to the buyers they are going to ask the sellers but I was wanting to know for future reference.

Is there an external appliance? BBQ, Water Heater, etc.


No, appliances that Ican tell.

Looks like a circuit setter of some sort for pressure and flow.
Hope someone can identify it.
I am curious too!:):smiley:

I think it is an Air Eliminator typically used in Hydronic Heating systems.

Air eliminators are used in liquid systems to aid in the removal of air and other gases. Many systems designed for liquid service do not operate well when air is present. One example would be flow metering. Most flow meters are designed around volumetric measurement principles. Air passing through a flow meter gets measured just as if it were a liquid, causing large flow measurement errors. An air eliminator, mounted to the top of a stilling chamber and installed upstream of the flow meter, will vent this air, and only liquid will be presented to the flow meter.

I don’t think it is at least it doesn’t remind of anything i have seen , Unless things have changed in the last few years, I was looking at what Robert posted, more in that line i think. LOL this is like a easter egg hunt

That was my best guess Wayne!

Mario , I hope we can figure it out it is like the valve that Robert showed but i am wondering if the had either a softener or A pond out front. It sure looks like it has the ability to control flow . So is it cold up there? My buddy was saying they have had record snow fall for the winter. But that is a little further north than you.

Well, since we are all guessing:mrgreen:

Am I getting closer?

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Since we’re all guessing, a water usage meter (?)

is there a built in pool/hot tub or a sprinkler system

I am going to take a WAG without seeing what the valve face looks like or having a clearer shot. I think it is to limit the flow/pressure for the main water supply. Here is an interesting web page that I found that might shed some light into the valves identification.


It is possible there might be additional booster pumps installed at the well that would create a pressure to great for the home’s plumbing system to handle.

Here is another view and type.,

It supplies swimming pools and jaccussies and acts as a back-flow preventer.



OK, I have been missing in action since I posted this. Yes there is a hot tub on the property and yes there is an OH Soft water softener system. I The valve is connected only to the main line from the well. The water main is not tied to the hot tub or any other appurtenances. I have looked and looked and found no other markings. There is one thing I found out today, that is odd. The home is on well water and city sewer. I could not determine how the city is billing the sewer with no water meter or meter on the side of the home. THe softening system has: an iron filter,brine tank salt tank and one other undetermined tank. It also has two pressure tanks tied to one pressure switch. Anymore Guesses, I will try to pay more attention to the comments now to answer what questions I can. Thanks everyone:D

Another WAG, valve for adding chlorine tabs to well water(?)

Wrong I say. And not a backflow preventer either. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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