What is this?

Found on 2003 Lennox furnace. Outside vent hood that is covered, duct work too AIR FLOW device at furnace, transformer/plugin from AIR FLOW device, that is disconnected at the receptacle.


Radon mitigation?

Inline duct booster fan.


Thanks! I found several articles on this device, seems there could be a problem with the HVAC ductwork.

Thanks again;)

Sometimes it is use for long runs.

This was in a house built 2013 - 1605 - flex duct through out.

what type of unit was it hooked to?


Lenox what furnace? Was it gas fired?


Like Roy said, they are used for long runs. At least the problem has already been fixed.

James, why would it be disconnected.

May run constantly, and make noise. Should be connected to the furnace blower/switch.

Which one the one for cooling or the one for heating;-)

Take a look at the flex duct.

So much I see is choked off with minimal flow and I recommend a heating contractor review for proper air flow.

Unless flex is installed with gradual bends, the flow is cut drastically, mostly just by hanging with narrow straps.

Looks like a crude fresh air inlet that has been disconnected and the outside intake covered.