What is this?

This is probably not a system I need to inspect but I should still be able to speak about it if asked. Can someone tell me what it is and what it does?

You’ve got the info you need to Google it!

He was waiting for you to find it. :wink:

What kind of inspector does that make him, that won’t even do his own research even when he has the info necessary to do so?

Wondering if he ever participates in the ‘Question of the Week’ contest? Prolly too much work and can’t be bothered.

Questions of the Week July 20, 2018

So, so sad… ~smh~

Glad you asked. It’s a Neptune Proread 60W water endpoint encoder. Let’s start at the beginning. You see, the ancient Mayans…

Neptune ProRead encoder for increased reading accuracy | Neptune Technology Group

I doubt it very much. :slight_smile:

“The 60W water endpoint is an AMR module that collects consumption and
tamper information and reports in a bubble up fashion. Approximately every 8
seconds, the 60W transmits a standard consumption message (SCM) at approximately
+10dBm between 910-920 MHz. The 60W supports protocols for a
variety of meter manufacturer’s registers, including but not limited to: AMCO,
Badger, Hersey, Neptune, and Sensus.”

Well that certainly clarifies things :slight_smile:

It did for me. Lol!

At my age there aren’t many surprises but there are still things I don’t know. I Google for answers before I ask questions and certainly before I make a statement.

It may be a generational thing but I belong to the look before you leap and seek the answer before you ask clubs. On the other hand, people come here to learn, but having said that I have seen many questions asked on this forum that make me question whether the inspectors asking have a right to charge for their services.

This profession is running full speed into becoming a low ball feel good service. and I see no efforts to do otherwise. I now understand all the crabby a s s e s who skinned me alive when I first started out.

…And look at how much better off you are today because of it! \:D/


Hahaha! I’m a changed man alright. :mrgreen:

I admit it is a question I could easily google first

However google results often times will take you to a forum where knowledge on a topic is discussed in layman’s terms
So why not go directly to the forum (of experts in the field) to see what they know?
This forum seems to be a direct loop back to the Google search bar!
So, no luck finding layman’s terms here, only a loop back to google.

I posted that question while on the road and in part to test out this forum for its reliability and usefulness. Unfortunately this forum feels like a place old inspectors like to puff up and blow hot air.

Aside from that, thank you Erik Schmidt and everyone else who is here to add value.

If you internet search “make and model number” installation manual you will normally get useful results.


Is this you?
Basic Home Inspection ONLY $200

That** is** what his website says! :shock:

Ready Home Inspection LLC

Yes, gotta start somewhere.

Come on guys give him a break! How many have come here with out of focus pics, pics so far out or close you have no idea what they are trying to show, items completely wrapped in insulation or other materials, and we are suppose to guess? Here he has given you a perfect picture displaying the manufacturer name, model number, model name, serial number, and even the manufacture date. He’s provided all the information you need to do his research for him! He should at least get some credit. :wink:

Well, there are a couple of old sayings that hold true to this day…

*“Every client gets what they pay for”… *

*and… *

"Every inspector gets paid what he is worth"!

Low overhead? Cut out the training, reference material, etc., etc., and you too can have low prices no? :wink: