What is this???

Answer this question and I can tell how gray your hair is.

A rotary cistern pump.

Mark you are pretty good for an engineer:p Thought with the hand crank missing it might throw you. I’m older than dirt and this is the first time I have seen one.

Lots of them around my parts. In towns that had rocks and ledge such that hand dug wells could not be dug, the people had cisterns. Most of the rotary pumps have been removed, and sold at antique stores. They crop up in people’s living rooms and flower beds with toll painted designs on them. Lord only knows what people pay for them now as decorations, since they probably only cost 50 cents from the 1935 Sears catalog.

I have pumped a lot of water with that kind of pump used to be a lot of them in MO

Look like an out door shower for a short person!:shock: