What is this?

Can someone tell me what this is and what its function is.



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Surge Suppressor

Thank you.

If it’s a surge suppressor why does it look like it is meant to be monted in a recpectacle box?

In any case it is not supposed to be in the panel or unsecured and not doulble tapped in the manner it is.

The TVSS is not installed in a compliant manner. A lightning strike may, and probably will, whip it about in the panel. The metal pieces on it may come in contract with the energized buss during such an event.

There’s also a white 4-1/8" round flush metallic box blank used non-compliantly as a reducing washer.

Marc, it is the following for a control system.

Leviton X10 Signal Bridge
[Leviton 6299]

Thanks…Always the best information on this message board.

[http://www.hometech.com/pics/leviton3.gif](javascript:popUp(’…/manuf/le.html’)) Leviton Manufacturing Co Inc [Authorized Distributor](javascript:popUp(’…/home/graymarket.html’)) 6299
Signal Coupler/Bridge



Bridge helps assure sufficient signal strength throughout 3-wire systems. The Signal Bridge coupler the command signal onto the 120V legs of the power system to ensure sufficient command signal strength throughout the command network. Use of the 6299 is recommended for all installations. The wiring diagram shows the proper method for coupling a typical residential 120/240V system. When used in the same DHC network as a 6201 system Amplifier, the 6299 Signal Bridge should NOT be in the same panel or within 10 feet of the 6201. Dimension of 6299 is 2.693" x 4.125" x 1.387". http://www.hometech.com/pics/tc003.gif LE-6299
Signal Bridge List
each [size=2]$39.95 each[/size] Enter Qty



As soon as I saw the pic I knew what it was. As I scrolled down I see other did as well. It IS a signal bridge.
That one IS designed to go in a wall box. I have seen them that they recommend simply laying it in the panel.

Signal bridge? Cool… learned something. Don’t do X-10, and seldom run into it. The X-10 geeks are generally DIY types, so they don’t oft call for an electrician.

The comment on the non-compliant reducing washer stands.

I’m troubled by someone who gives such voluminous and verbose electrical advice that wouldn’t recognize an X-10 Signal Bridge when presented with one. That’s pretty basic knowledge and anyone with much experience would surely recognize one. :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, stop. :mrgreen:

I’ve seen darned little X-10 anything, except for some of the stuff RadioShack used to sell in the 80’s; and then, only at the store. Real electricians don’t use X-10. We use wires! :cool: In fairness, I have used LonWorks and BacNet, which are commercial equivalents of X-10 in the home. X-10 is still a geeky DIY type system, even though it’s been around since the 70’s. I dare say that any real electrician will distance himself from any association with it.

Sort of like a residential inspector not seeing too many 3-phase applications, huh? :wink:


{Breathes deeply}… yes, you are absolutely correct.

NO. Not at all!