What is this ???

Yesterdays inspection, I found this device stuck into the drain tube for the washing mashine. No washer on site, just this. The plastic drain line went down through the floor into the crawlspace. Was attached to the bottom of the floor joists, it ran about half way across the crawlspace then was just hanging there. Does anyone have any idea what it is ? Thanks in advance for any info…Rick

what is this.jpg

Ah a CO man, so I’ll ask, was there an “air washer/Evap cooler/swamp cooler”?


Looks like some sort of air gap at the end of a drain line. I like the swamp cooler line of thinking. :slight_smile:

That could be many things , but a swamp cooler overflow pipe??? I seriously doubt it.

Nope, no swamp cooler or anything like that. This line camr from the crawlspace. The furnace and evaporator coil was down there, but it was at the other end of the crawl from where this line was. There was a condensate pump down by the furnace but it wasn’t being used. Not sure if it was t*ts up or what. The condensate drain was dumping right on the ground in the crawlspace. But thats a different issue. I just was wondering if anyone had seen this type of device before. The line didn’t run to any piece of equipment, it just stopped about 20’ away on the underside of the hoists. WEIRD!!

It’s the notorious “Thing-a-majig” that everyone’s wife refers to and we just can’t figure out what the hell they are talking about.

maybe a vent of some kind. i have no idea, just a guess.

Probably wan a dem der weed growing device contraptions :margarit:

Was there an air conditioner close to where the other end of the mystery tubing went to under the crawlspace? I’m thinking it might be some home made contraption from a condensate pump or something.

Water softener air gap:


and if there is no water softener, it probably was for the condensate pump…

Good research!
That’s what it looked like to me but I hadn’t seen the one in the pic before. Here is one I came across on a recent inspection used for the water softener discharge.

IMG_2031 (Small).jpg

Ding, Ding, Ding!

Give that man a cupie doll!

Good job Michael!



Don’t you have to go bore a hole in some exterior stucco now?:p:D

Michael , you are the MAN!!! Thanks. There wasn’t a water softener in place at the time , but I suspect that it was there before. There was a dug out area near where the plastic drain line was cut off. I’ll bet the owner removed it at some point prior to listing the property.(House is vacant) I’ll pass this along to my client. Thank Bro!

Brian, you were on the right track with your thinking too. Thanks!