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I’m new at NACHI and trying to take it all in. This is a great organization and I’m glad I joined. Here’s my question? On my last inspection I came across a black box (10"x12") located next to the gas meter and connected to the main line before the meter. It had a window to read a circular type of paper disk. Is this a pressure meter??? If you know what this is, let me know…

John Trigiani
Lighthouse Inspections Halton-Wentworth


A picture would be helpfull!!

Sorry, didn’t have it with me this time.


Find it and post it. In the meantime welcome to NACHI!!!

Yay Johnny… Finally a post, thought I was going to have to go down and wake you up!!!:mrgreen:
Was it actually attached to the gas meter? Some areas the gas company did experiment installations of these type of readers to monitor time of gas useage.
Up in my area I have seen two of these. Mostly though I have seen an electric meter monitor for this type of monitoring of electricity. Done in early eighties and Hydro has never decommisioned them.
As Mr. Mario asked… got a pic?

Sent you a couple tonight!
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Hey Dave, the box is attached to the main line before the meter and it is used to monitor time of use. Thanks for the response and keep those pic’s comming, I’m allways amazed at the things you come across. See ya!!

It was probably installed by Ontario Hydro or whatever they call it in your area. Hydro One? It was to monitor the amount and time of use to allow them to adjust the rates, and that would always be up!

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John, Welcome to NACHI where you will find the finest HI’s and the best answers to your questions.
Everyone here is a great help and is a professional in the true meaning.