What is this?

I haven’t seen one before.


A type of mechanical connector. It has two lugs, set inside, so you can splice two larger guage wires together.


Perfect, thanks!

Electricians call those a “Polaris Bug” or “NSI Bug”.

Thanks Marc.

OK, but …why are they splicing a large gauge to a small?
I would check the rating of the breaker on that and the circuit at the back of the pic, same situation.

John Kogel

There’s two common reasons I do that in a panel, and both are completely legal and proper.

  1. To repurpose an old #6 50 amp feed to an electric range for use as a 20 amp feed to a gas range. A smaller wire needs spliced on to attach to the terminal of a 20 amp breaker
  2. To run very large conductors to parking lot lights, to overcome voltage drop, but connect them to a 20 amp breaker.

Neither have I, learn something everyday here.

This is the reason that I dumped OAHI and have stuck with NACHI!