What is this?

Here is a rusted pipe that is next to the gas meter. The corresponding inside portion is finished, so I can not see what this is. Anybody have any ideas?

Looks like you have a aux line to garage or grill Mike.
Maybe an old gas light , though the exterior wall says your home is 1960s or 70s at most.

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Foundation looks newer so did you check for weeps/)

Built in early sixties and has weeps. And I think you are correct about it being an auxiliary gas line for a grill or such thing. Foundation is original as far as I can tell. Check this picture. There are a lot of fresh repairs on this area. The garage is on the other side of the wall. I could not inspect the garage because the seller was have a garage sale at time of inspection, makes you wonder huh. Any way all the mortar joint repairs seem to be cement caulk type, but the interesting thing is that the lower bricks are moved out of plane about an 1/8-1/4 inch. Since it is a veneer, maybe I can just recommend a mason.

Yeah that looks like a serious step crack going into the foundation Mike.
You need more than just tuckpointing.

I take it this was a slab.?

Any chance that was an addition?

I had one on sat that was 1925 with 1984 additions at front and rear.

Weeps were not real common in the sixties and I see moisture barrier in your previous shots

It had some weeps. This is a raised ranch. Not on a slab at that area, it is setting on a foundation wall, it is garage behind that wall. I wonder if someone damaged that wall from the inside of the garage. Like I said, I couldn’t inspect the garage because they had storage and a garage sale going on. Maybe a structural engineer? Although this is not a structural wall, it is veneer. I can’t decide which to recommend.