What is this??


Soft fiber cardboard like material sticking out of ground next to foundation of new home. Cover on top pulls off and reveals (vent?) holes. I’m sure I should know, but I do not. 2 seperate ones.


Filtered vent for the septic?

Looks sort of like an old boot scraper…can’t imagine one in that location, though…

There’s got to be some sort of clue inside the foundation at this location…

WDI/WDO/Termite bait station?

The house is located in semi-new subdivision and everyone is on public sewer, or supposed to be. I was thinking along the same line, vent for the sump-pump or french drains. They appear to be temporary, but not sure.

The basement is unfinished, 9’ ceiling. The arrows indicate where they’re located. There is nothing at all inside at that area. The sump pit is at the opposite corner in the front.

Pest control tubes, :slight_smile: might be.


Ask the current home owner. They may/should know.
They are a source of untapped information.

T.Neyedli CHI

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they appear to be yellow arrow magnets

I thought this was a moderated board if so, this just proven moderation does not work.

Window well drains for window wells that have not yet been installed. By the looks of the grade I would recommend raising it at the foundation & incorporating the drains in window wells.

Kevin, you are correct. Quite common here in KC. Does this home have a sump hole/pit? These drains usually are directed to sump holes. If window is at or just above grade, suggest installing window well and terrace appropriately.