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More bull, ‘reasonably aligned to CAN P9’, and lets not forget the other obvious conflicts of interest with this group.

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** Home of Canada’s National Certificate Holder**


British Columbia recognizes the NCH as a licensing credential

[FONT=Arial]Dear Colleagues: [/FONT]

In less than 6 months, your National Certificate Holder designation will no longer exist. In an unprecedented move, and without input from you, CAHPI National has abandoned the National Certification Program (NCP). This was done as a move by the CAHPI Provincial Bodies to preserve their fractured levels of the RHI designation.
We believe this was wrong and have made great strides to preserve the NCP and your National Certificate Holder designation - The new Gold Standard for inspectors in Canada. Working with the Construction Sector Council, (the legal owners of the NCP) and other government stakeholders, the PHPIO board dissolved and created two separate corporations. They are PHPIC, who has become the home of Canada’s NCH’s and the National Home Inspector Certification Council (NHICC), which is an independent third party certification body.
PHPIC does not have Provincial Bodies, thus eliminating the Provincial Politics that was the demise of CAHPI’s administration of the NCP. We are a member driven, grass roots organization and have adopted the Governance of our sister association ASHI.
PHPIC is the only Canadian home inspection association/organization to have their governance independently evaluated and found to be in reasonable compliance with the Canadian Standards Council CAN-P-9 requirements, a condition of the Canadian Home Inspectors and Building Officials (CHIBO) agreements. We are also the only Canadian Home Inspection Association/Organization to hold an Equivalency Agreement with NHICC, thus saving our members money in maintaining or achieving their NCH designation.
The NCH designation has again been recognized in B.C. by the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) as a licensing credential. The NCP has been submitted to the other Provinces, who are now in negotiations on licensing. The NCH designation is indeed the new home inspection gold standard of professionalism across Canada.
Before your NCH designation expires, you are strongly encouraged to submit an application to PHPIC and transfer your NCH to NHICC in order to preserve what you have worked so hard for and invested in.
As of June 1st 2011, all non PHPIC NCH’s will be removed from our website listing. This has been a free listing service to advertise your accomplishments and dedication to professionalism in raising the bar across the country.
Membership fees are pro-rated and for $137.50 + taxes, you can preserve your NCH and be part of the process to unite, once and for all, our profession.


Paul Wilson PHPI, NCH, RHI, ACI
Contact Information
Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC)

174 River Road
Napanee, Ontario
K7R 3K8
phone: 613-354-5355
Toll Free: 1-866-785-5355

Looks like NACHI is coming to the rescue for all Canadian Hommies .

You can only wish and hope…More than once since I’ve been on these boards, Nick has not delivered what he promised with all his hyperbole…and in other cases, he left formerly loyal members hanging.

Checked a former BC NACHI member’s website earlier today since I happened onto his name by chance while serching the archives…he was no longer shown as a member. His website now carries the BCIPI logo…NACHI logo is gone from the website. And he posted here fairly regularly…

Be wery, wery careful!!

I find this interesting PHPIC keeps talking about
(" [FONT=Arial]PHPIC is the only Canadian home inspection association/organization to have their governance independently evaluated and found to be in reasonable compliance with the Canadian Standards Council CAN-P-9 requirements, ") .
This is strictly Bull S HIT .
Either you are in Compliance or you are not .
This is the usual double talk that has gone on for years .
I wonder do they even know what the cost is to be in Compliant.
This is the cost of the requirements Book Download Price: **$53.52 (CAD
I have been told the cost to be in Compliant is about $25,000;00 .
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon


In Nick I trust!
I am confortable with NACHI, I am proud of being a NACHI member, and Nick has made a believer out of me!
I think it is Nice to have an association that was there yerterday for its members and that will be there tomorrow! Long live NACHI!

NACHI was invited and is welcomed into Canada whereas ASHI is imposed by the few who want to controll the industry.
Nachi is there for me in Brossard,Quebec,Canada, and I will be there for NACHI.


Beauchemin, Marc-Andre