What is this?

The cleanout is nearby on this 1980 home. Could not figure out what the pipe coming up and then going back into the flower bed was for. The master bedroom is at this location. The bathroom is on the other side of the bedroom so not exactly close.


Sump discharge into a drainage tile?

That’s what I would guess.

Did they have a pool? If so, could be D/E filter backwash to the sewer.



I think you are correct. Thanks.

Sump pump…what is that? Seriously there are no basements in this part of the South.

from our fair city, “It is unlawful to drain the pool, hot tub or spa upon adjacent or public property. All pools, hot tubs or spas must be drained into the sanitary sewer through a 3-inch p-trap. EXCEPTION: Spas and hot tubs under 750 gallons shall not be required to discharge into a p-trap. Sand filters are required to have a backwash line hard piped to the p-trap.”

Sumps are not just for basements…