What is this?

I came across this… What is it??

DSCF2093 (Small).JPG

It looks like a reverse osmosis filter (drain) that has been capped off.

Note the NON- Use of a GFCI recepticle below the drain…or is it downstream from another or on a GFCI breaker? hmmmm correction needed?

Looks like a manual stopper for the above fixture.


Why would you use gfci for dedicated equipment, disposal and dw?

I agree with Tony.

Paul Pendley
Premier Property Inspections

Yes it’s a capped off old reverse osmosis drain line.

Not required here.

I agree with Tony. It’s an abandoned RO/filtration system.

Sorry no GFI’s needed at the DW and the Disposal. They are dedicated. Hmmmm you aren’t putting that into your reports are you? Come on??:wink:

“Dedication” has nothing to do with whether or not this requires GFCI protection.

See NEC 210.8 (A) 1 through 8


What does this ruling describe as far as what it should be?
We are talking about a dishwasher, and yes it is usually on it’s own dedicated circuit. The garbage disposal is questionable in my mind and would like to say that this item should most likely be on a GFCI, but I am not sure of that, just instinct on that one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The undersink receptacles are simply “convenience” outlets. They are not required to be GFCI protected (even in the 2005 NEC) as they are not **“installed to serve the countertop surfaces.” **

If this were "Other Than Dwelling Units" (commercial, etc.), it would be required to have GFCI protection per 210.8 (B).

Thanks Jeff.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This may be changing in the 2008 NEC. Stay tuned. . .