What is this???

The home was built in 1977. This pit, is located in the basement. It is now a putting green. There is sump pump in the bottom. Maybe a LAP pool?

Hard to say, maybe a DIY hot tub? A lap pool is a good thought too. Are there any water jets we can’t see?

That is a church baptism pool.

Lap pool. Seen a couple of these around. All do not work. Suggest fill-in.

It is covered with indoor/outdoor carpet. It is approx. 4 feet deep.

I’ll bet there are water jet holes under the carpet. It quit working, so they turned it into an unusual putting green.

It’s what is called an endless pool/spa. They not only usualy have spa jetts but they also have “swim jets”. Jets powerful enough to creat a current to swim against making a kind of water tredmill. They still advertise them on TV. This one has been drained and repurposed in to a putting green. It happens offten becuase the ones you see on TV aren’t designed well.