What is this ?

This was forwarded to me by a RA. Does anyone know what these are?

Sprinkler zone valves

yep…they are underground around here…

Thanks guys.

Or under the inspection plate! Ours has a zurn key to open the lid, this prevents damage and tampering with the valves.

Here is link Charles.

Here is mine ,
Temp in Brighton On is 45°F / 8°c I just saw shoots from my bulbs not a good sign… Roy

Roy I don’t believe what I am seeing, did you double clamp the hoses or was that the installer. Very nice and clean installation.

I did my own installation Yes I did double Clamp and Gravel under the valves with carpet keeping them Clean . I also set the heads so water does not go on my foundation .
Another Box like this in the Back yard . I also have an Robot lawn mower to cut my Grass .6 years now .