What is this?

Trying to figure out with the client what this is. I thought it was part of thermometer. Looks also to be something electrical but no wires running to or from it.

Remnants of a broken thermometer. May have had a wire running into the home for remote reading. Clue: the U shaped tab about 1/3rd way down would hold the ‘tube’ centered in place.

Could be a rain gauge also

Under the soffit??? :shock::wink:

No wonder it was never accurate… Lol

Ever heard of a gathering cup and tube? look at the bottom what thermometer would have a lever float ?:shock:;-);-);-);-);-):wink:

Puhleeze! Let’s keep your sex life out of this discussion! TYVM. :shock::twisted:

LOLOLOL well if it was personal it would much bigger lever

I only see a little 2 inch “stubby” thing that keeps falling over, in that pic! :wink:

(Okay… maybe 3 inches on a good day). :twisted: