What is this...

… used for?

I get it, to make the wall grow! :smiley:

That’s a big hairy arm used for many things such as grabbing sideways mounted sprinkler system risers. :smiley:

Dang, I just trimmed that arm :shock:

I would like to know why they did that.
Was it the drain for the handler ?
Did you ask the owner ?

It’s an old trick (an old coot) told me about, to get the ac performing better on hot days when the condenser gets hot… cool it down with water vapor/mist to assist the fan in cooling down the fins/pipes and thus the Freon. This trick is also commonly used by mechanics when repairing the ac on your car. When recharging the ac on hot days, take a water hose and spray the front grill (condenser mounted behind) and it helps to cool the system down and stabilize the pressures.

Jeff is correct.
The issue with this setup was that the sprinkler was spraying the wall full on while covering the condenser very, little relatively speaking.

Based on the size of that forearm and the amount of hair, I believe Bigfoot or Popeye is now performing home inspections.:smiley:

They both appear to need a tan.:wink:

Let’s go with Popeye then :wink:

I agree with the cooling of the unit. It’s actually a good wat to reduce the strain on the unit on very hot days.

What is on the other side of that wall ?

What is the Abominable Snow Man doing down in Texas.
White fur is a clue guys!:wink:

The master bedroom