What is this

I want to say it was part of the old electrical system when the house was built in 70s. Any inputs would be great. The breaker box is located on the other side of the house receiving power from over head.

First thing comes to my mind call a electrician was this from the old service?

It looks like an overhead mast was cut and wires spliced for some reason…:shock:…I haven’t seen it like that before.

This is definitely not code compliant now, and I highly doubt this was code compliant even back in the 70’s…
Service wires spliced like that inside the house? Without any overcurrent protection ahead of them other than what the transformer offers?
Even as far back in the 40’s and the 50’s, the idea was that the service wires were supposed to be enclosed (either within a cable assembly or a conduit) and uninterrupted by splices from the service point until the OCPD at the service panel.
I would defer the whole thing… what a mess :frowning:

I have just re-read the OP…
If the new service is on the other side of the house, I would just test these wires with a non-contact “sniffer”.
If they are not “live”, the possibility is good that this is just the remnant of the old service abandoned in place.

Looks like two capacitors. Maybe telephone wires or TV antenna, back in the day TV aerials used electric motors to rotate the aerials. Did you test for current? It also looks older than 70’s, 40-50s would be my guess.

Pretty sure it is telephone related but I am on my phone.

Wires look to big for phone lines

Hey Bryce,

I’ve seen similar looking splices where old fuse systems have been upgraded to breaker systems.

Home now.

Looks like telephone twin lead coming in from the outside on the left.

But without more info I would not make a definitive call.

Check it with a hot stick voltage sensor or probe the wire with a meter.

i see the ones your talking about ( ones without tape ) but the others look like ac wires

you must have very good eyes. I can’t see it from here. :wink:

Powerful glasses lol