What is this?

Have not seen this before. Any ideas?


83906 Parma 030 (Small).jpg

Looks like some sort of door catch. Maybe for a magnet at the back of the door.

The two holes below it, have me baffled…

Did it rotate? Could the holes have been for thin cord to attach to a like device in the room(s) below and then pushed/pulled to make a sound? Could it have been a 1910 version of an intercom or annunciator system of some kind? Man, I’m fishing here!


Yes it did rotate.


It was a 1925 home.

Was it magnatized? I have seen similar looking things in older houses, where there was a piece of metal on the bottom of a door, and a magnet on mounted on the trim to hold the door open. Just a thought…

Possibly a damper control for an old coal fired furnace.

I think James is correct.

Here’s and old damper control. It’s appx. 4-1/4" dia.

Then the two holes in the floor make sense too.

8 posts to the correct answer!! NACHI members rock!!

James and Mike, Very good deduction on your part.

Thanks for the information. Had me boggled.
That must of been used in the High End Housing that I did not see 40 years ago. ha. ha.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I came across one in a 1910 home and was apply to identify thanks to the inspectors at NACHI.