What is this?

Ok well I know what this does but I was looking for some more information to give my client. I know that it is a way to regulate the heat in the condo I inspected but does anyone know what it is called and some basic idea of how to use it?



Thanks Frank that is better than nothing.

How rude. A simple thanks would have sufficed. At least he took the time to look it up for your lazy self. :roll:

You’re welcome.

What more do you want?


Here is the literature. http://www.danfoss.com/North_America/Products/Categories/Literature/HE-HEC/Radiator-Thermostatic-Assembly-RA2000-Series/RA-2000-Thermostatic-Operators/a7505433-5b47-45ea-aa75-641af927c7d5.html