What is this?

Having a brain fart fellows, for the life of me I cant remember what this for
and I am not talking about the outlet.lol.


I don’t think so, this was about a foot up from the floor, and others were located in the ceiling.
House did have intercom system. any other idea’s out there?

Sonic bug repellent?

Looked up sonic bug repellent, nothing found that resembles my picture, but like the thought.
maybe they are speakers? but odd locations, some up in the ceiling and some lower in the wall

Didn’t happen to open one up?

Was it a 70’s home?

No, Built in 1997

sure looks like a little speaker of some sort. old alarm?

I have an unrelated “what is this?” I saw this in an attic in a 1958 bungalow. It looks like a tin barrel with a vent or fill tub that extends to the roof deck. The roof is obviously not the original roof and there was no visible penetration from the exterior. I am sure it has been decommissioned but I have no idea what/why it was originally installed in the home. You will note it is insulated and it has a bearing wall below it. I was thinking it may have been a rudimentary solar exchanger but see no evidence of anything unusual in the utility room. Any help would be appreciated!

John Woodlock
Calgary, AB