What is this???

Buying some land in South Carolina. I found this structure on the backside of the 12 acres.
Anyone know what it is?


Bunker from the Civil War. :mrgreen:

I just noticed the pipes. What is at the ends of them?

Have you seen Jurassic Park 4 yet? :twisted:

Not yet.

When did cinder blocks first come around? Those trees would have to be older than the structure.

“Cinder blocks” been around a long, long time.

Well, when you see it (and you should, at the theater if it’s still around) you will understand my query.

Some one had a massive compost pile where they were drawing methane gas to supply heat for their cabin… Just a guess. If you unearth the pipes and find perforations in them, it’s logical.

Looks like AAV’s on those pipes…could be a giant compost pile or maybe a backyard landfill.:neutral:

I was thinking compost as well. The only thing throwing me off is most compost walls are normally 3 sided or have an entry in and out.

Jasper County is taking a look at it to make sure there are no EPA issues that I’ll have to pay for.

Thanks all!


Maybe someone in the 70’s thought about building a cabin with trees growing inside the house. Then they ran out of pot and decided it wasn’t such a good idea.

LOL Moon shine of grow op possibility did you check for under ground entrance ? could be a false top to throw off the choppers.

Looks like an abandoned tree house foundation!

Above ground septic leach field

That’s funny:D