What is TRUTH?

TRUTH: (trooth) Agreement with reality; the eternal principle of right or the natural law of order; fidelity, constancy;agreement with a standard or rule; accuracy.
syn: veracity. —Websters Unified Dictionary and Encyclopedia.

TRUTH: Conformity with fact or reality; verity.-- the American College Dictionary.

FACT: ( f’akt ) anything actually done or existing; a statement of actuality. Something known to have happened; a truth known by actual experience or observation.

Anyone have a different idea about what truth is?

The Truth is:

There is no correct answer to, “Honey do I look fat in this?” :wink:

I only had “One Beer”…:margarit:…the truth…!!!---------:twisted:----:-({|=—:margarit:


Now that is True !!!

The opposite of lie. The path to freedom. Power. The nature of God. The standard. Good. The spiritual law of order. Peace. Security. The destroyer of evil. Illumination. Transparent. Righteous. Holy. Liberating. Love. Compassionate. Mercy.

My answer: “My opinion is whatever you want it to be, hun. :roll:”

heh have we got a videeoo??

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Truth Happens


First video- funny
second video- clever
third video- very mediocre christian rock band

I’m sorry I didn’t know there was an “expert” on Christian rock bands here.:roll:

music is music :slight_smile:
you want a really good one??
try DUVALL- look for the Album “oh holy night”
lead singer Previously of the band “the smoking popes” also very good. You tube it- i bet you’ll REALLY enjoy it.

Why do you ask?

Real Truth, well all that really matters anyway.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

I dunno, sometimes it seems people lose touch with whats real and whats not.

I was hoping to get a collection of quotes and anecdotes.


You can say that again.

Some people never knew to begin with…

“What is truth?” is an excellent question that has been asked for eons, by countless individuals. Some people find the answer. Some people are found by the answer. Some people never get it at all.